Kitchen Facilities Management

Let PKL invest in your kitchen infrastructure

KitchenFM - Financial Benefits

KitchenFM has a wide range of financial benefits

We are able to deliver substantial cost savings by exploiting our expertise in equipment selection and maintenance, together with our ability to obtain economies of scale and service efficiencies.

No Capital Outlay

KitchenFM is an off balance sheet, outsourced service that enables you to eliminate all capital costs of purchasing, upgrading and exchanging catering equipment.

No More Service Costs

KitchenFM provides proactive and reactive maintenance inclusive of all parts and labour, removing the constant headache of catering equipment management and enabling you to accurately forecast all costs.

KitchenFM is a fully inclusive offer allowing you to reduce your costs with no capital outlay.

To discuss the financial benefits KitchenFM could bring to you call 0845 840 4242.