KitchenPods from PKL Group

A new school kitchen in an instant

KitchenPods - Additional Storage Facilities

Additional coldrooms, dry storage and warewashing facilities

Dry store units and coldrooms are ideal if you require additional storage or refrigeration. They have been developed to complement your existing school kitchen or one of our KitchenPods.

Dry Store Units

Dry store units offer a food-safe, hygienic environment and can be linked to your school to provide additional storage or connected to one of our KitchenPods. Supplied with ample four tier food-safe racking, this is an ideal way to increase your storage.

  • Infestation-proof construction
  • CFC-free, insulated and fire regulated wall panels and floors
  • High lighting level
  • Food-safe plastisol steel wall lining
  • Non-slip food-safe flooring throughout
  • Insectocutor
  • Easy clean hygienic wall and ceiling finishes

Cold Rooms

PKL's coldrooms have a lockable door and are capable of being used as a walk-in fridge or freezer. Coldrooms are available with similar features to those listed for the dry store units above.

Local Authority and Schools Procurement

PKL are Buying Solutions accredited meaning that we are pre tendered to supply public sector organisations, who can procure products from PKL benefiting from the cost and process savings leveraged by using the Buying Solutions agency.