KitchenPods from PKL Group

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How Would You Like Your KitchenPod to Look?

Wood cladding, brick slip, painted and vinyl wrap exterior finishes

The external appearance of the KitchenPod can sometimes be of vital importance for planning purposes. KitchenPods are supplied in a wide variety of external finishes to enable them to blend in with the existing environment or buildings, or you can create an appearance designed to meet your aesthetic requirements.

As KitchenPods are constructed off site, the external finish is applied before the new kitchen building reaches your establishment, enabling time on site and the installation process to be greatly reduced.

Wood Cladding Finish

KitchenPods can be clad with an attractive wood finish, with the framing also available in a range of colours, allowing the building to harmonise with its surroundings.

Brick Slip Finish

For a subtle exterior that blends in with an existing brick building, a brick slip finish may be the ideal solution. The brick slip can be designed to match existing brickwork on site, or alternatively you can specify from a range of standard finishes.

Painted Finish

We offer a full range of RAL painted finishes, enabling you to customise your KitchenPod to your exact requirements. This can either be a single colour finish, or a painted exterior to match you company's branding.

Vinyl Wrap

KitchenPods can be supplied with a customised vinyl wrap, to replicate your company's branding or to create a complete bespoke exterior for your new kitchen.