KitchenPods from PKL Group

Modular Kitchen Facilities in an instant

Delivery and Installation of Your KitchenPod

A new kitchen up and running in a matter of hours

PKL can deliver and install your KitchenPod at a time that suits you including during weekends or seasonal holiday periods, to minimise disruption your business or organisation. Once you have chosen your KitchenPod, specified your catering equipment and decided how you would like the building to look, PKL will undertake the delivery, installation and connection to services for you.

The Delivery Process

The KitchenPod can be supplied as a standalone structure or linked to existing buildings on site. Its versatility means that it can be sited almost anywhere!

We can help you choose the most suitable location for your KitchenPod when one of our project managers undertakes a site survey of your premises. However, a few basic considerations can help speed up the overall delivery and installation process.

Access to Site

Your KitchenPod will be delivered on the back of a Hiab lorry. Is there suitable access to drive a lorry in or will an additional crane be required to locate the KitchenPod?

Existing Onsite Buildings

Will the KitchenPod be connected to existing buildings? If so is there suitable access to link between these buildings or are additional links or corridors needed?

Health and Safety

Once the KitchenPod is located onsite, will it be blocking any main access routes, fire escape routes or fire assembly points?

Access to KitchenPod Once Installed

Will you be able to easily deliver or transport food into and out of the KitchenPod once it is installed onsite?