Kitchen Facilities Management

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KitchenFM JACK

Joint Approach to Commerical Kitchens

Would you like to know how your catering estate could work better for you?

JACK (Joint Approach to Commercial Kitchens) is a simple touch-screen interface which, when sited in a kitchen, can provide constant communication between the customer, kitchen staff and the PKL technical support team.

Features of JACK

  • Provides bespoke induction training programmes for staff
  • Has all parts for your equipment to hand
  • Is up to date on health and safety issues
  • Is an experienced engineer who knows your equipment inside out
  • Provides video training on how to get the best out of your equipment
  • Puts you in touch with PKL at the touch of a button
  • Communicates in a variety of different languages
  • Available in cabinet, wall mounted or tablet versions

What JACK can do for you...

Inductions and Health and Safety

JACK will hold bespoke induction information for staff and provide tips on how to get the best out of your equipment.

Training Videos

JACK stores training videos of all the equipment within your catering estate.

Multilingual Information

You can access all JACK's information in a variety of languages, tailored to meet your needs.

Technical Support and Fault Diagnosis

JACK is like having an experienced engineer in your kitchen and is able to diagnose problems or request PKL assistance.

Maintenance Visits

Spare parts for all your equipment are on site, ensuring our engineers have access to parts when required, reducing downtime.

Spare Parts on Site

Once used, replacement parts are delivered to Jack to ensure a complete stock of spares at all times.