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Combination Regeneration Oven 10 Rack

Item 13R

Combi Regen Oven 10Enlarge Photo


10 x 1/1 gastronorm container capacity.


955(w) x 855(d) x 2130(h) mm (on stand)


Five cooking modes - steam, convection, combination, regeneration, overheated steam.
Temperature range 50-250°C.
Even heat distribution reduces the variations in temperature within the oven allowing for consistent cooking.
Operate a panless kitchen using the Combination Regeneration.


Propane or natural gas model: 18 kW (61,416 BTUs), 22mm (3/4 BSP) gas inlet, 13 amp plug, single phase, 0.3 kW, 1.25 ampsElectric model: 32 amp three phase - 23.19 amps per phase, 16 kW, via commando plug


Cold water inlet: 22mm (3/4 BSP)Water pressure: minimum 1.5 barWaste outlet: 40mm (1 1/2 BSP) off tun dishWaste outlet height: 500mmUse of a water filter is recommended


A fantastic time and energy saving addition to any kitchen.
The Combination Regeneration Oven enables easy and efficient regeneration of all food types and already plated meals.
Ideal for any caterer.