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Portable Kitchens and catering equipment for hire

Health and Safety - Fire Safety

Fire safety features in temporary kitchens

We recognise that in catering environments there is an increased risk of fire as there is often a combination of flammable liquid and naked flames. Our Portable Kitchens have been designed following Health & Safety measures to limit fire hazards and we only stock items of catering equipment that adhere to current safety legislation.

Automatic Fire Suppression System

There is no reason whatsoever that any caterer should accept a temporary kitchen that does not come equipped with a fire suppression system. When dealing with staff safety this should be the first requirement for any kitchen. All PKL Portable Kitchens, Central Island Canopies and Mobile Canopies have automatic fire suppression systems fitted. If heat is detected under the canopy or within the canopy ductwork outside of pre-set parameters, a non-toxic solution is expelled onto the affected equipment or area. This extinguishes the fire by starving it of oxygen. The system is then easily re-charged with a simple cartridge.

Fire Blankets

As well as the fire suppression system, every PKL production kitchen is supplied with a fire blanket located within easy reach of the extraction canopy.

Fire Resistant Construction

All PKL Portable Kitchens are constructed using TRADA approved fire resistant, CFC free materials. Kitchen units have solid bonded sandwich steel wall panels with fire resistance of 155 minutes. Our Mobile Canopies have a full length solid fire resistant rear wall that allows them to operate next to walls in canvas structures. This ensures that if a fire should occur in a PKL Portable Kitchen, it will be contained.