Portable Kitchen Favoured Footprints

Catering equipment design examples for temporary kitchens

Favoured Footprints

Proven catering equipment layouts for Portable Kitchens

To help you to choose the equipment for your production kitchen we created the PKL Favoured Footprints.

Favoured Footprints are 14 pre-designed equipment layouts for the cooking side of our Magnum and Mini production kitchens. Each style differs depending on the style of catering and the number of meals produced per day.

The table below illustrates the equipment in each favoured footprint. To view an illustration of each, click on the the Favoured Footprint letter at the top of the table.

 Favoured Footprint
Table 900mm211 21 1 213 1
Table 1800mm   1   22 1 1 
Dishwasher 25 Basket 1      1     
Six Burner Oven Range11131112221121
Salamander Grill111    1111   
Double Basket Fryer111211 11111 1
Hot Cupboard 1200mm111           
Combi Oven 10 Rack  1 123  12  3
Combi Oven 24 Rack           12 
Bratt Pan 80lt    1    1 1 1
Boiling Pan 150lt      1    12 
Griddle 900mm     1        

All Favoured Footprint designs illustrated on this website are subject to change. Please contact a member of our hire team to ensure you have the latest Favoured Footprint design. Favoured Footprints is a registered trademark of PKL and may not be reproduced without permission.