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Energy efficient kitchens for hire from PKL

PKL recognise that it is important that we help enable our customers to reduce their energy usage and costs. With this in mind, we have made a number of important energy efficiency improvements to our existing fleet of Portable Kitchen units, to both reduce energy consumption, and to improve the insulation properties of our buildings.

The improvements are as follows:-

  • Latest technology LED lights
  • Fully insulated roof with PIR fire retardant insulation
  • Fully insulated floor with PIR fire retardant insulation and heat reflective membrane
  • Double-glazed serving hatch
  • Thermostatically controlled space heater
  • Non concussive taps for wash hand basins
  • Energy efficient electric water heater
  • All equipment comes with energy saving tips
  • Wall panels with rockwool mineral fibre insulation
  • Water and electricity metering
  • Optional solar energy power supply

Results show that against the standard unit, an annual saving in electricity consumption of £358.00 can be achieved.*

The BER (Building Emission Rate) prior to the improvements was 220.07 kg CO2/m2.

The BER after the improvements was 94.76 kg CO2/m2 providing an annual saving of 125.31 kg CO2/m2. This demonstrates a 57% saving.

* Based on a 45 hour weekly occupancy

Monthly Energy Consumption By Fuel Type Graph

Monthly Energy Consumption Key Unmodified Unmodified Unit Monthly Consumption Data

Monthly Energy Consumption Key Modified Modified e-Kitchen Unit Monthly Consumption Data

We are carrying out extensive improvements to our existing fleet of Portable Kitchens.

The SBEM (Simplified Building Energy Model) results for a standard unit before and after the improvements are shown in the graph above. Based on a standard unit before the improvements were made, an overall EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) rating of D97 was achieved.

On the same standard unit after the improvements were made, we have achieved an overall EPC rating of B42.

Click here to view the Energy Performance Certificate for our eKitchens.

Unit Electricity ConsumptionEPC D97EPC B42
Total kWh/m2414185
Total kWh/m2 multiplied by m27191.183213.45
Total multiplied by kWh Unit charge of 9p£647.20£289.20

  • The following calculation converts the usage data featured:
    Extract the total kWh/m2/yr (total = heating + cooling + auxiliary + lighting + hot water).
    Multiply by m2 of kitchen unit.
    Multiply by commercial electricity price in £/kWh (from the net today = .09, that is 9p per kWh).
    This will give us the projected total energy cost per year.
  • All figures are based on the unit being erected on site at PKL HQ in Bishops Cleeve and therefore local weather and temperature figures feature in the SBEM calculation.