Food Cubes from PKL Group

Food & coffee kiosks and catering concessions

Modular Catering Concessions & Kiosks

Introduce or expand your catering facilities with a Food Cube

Food Cubes are ideal for use as additional catering concessions, food kiosks and coffee kiosks at sites such as tourist attractions, national parks, country estates, sporting venues or busy footfall environments. The range of sizes mean that they can be used to provide anything from hot drinks and cold snacks, to a more comprehensive hot lunchtime offering.

Food Cubes can help to increase your revenue by adding additional catering outlets or kiosks around large sites, or by reducing the pressure on busy cafes and food concessions by easily creating a new facility which can be used alongside your existing outlets, helping to reduce queuing times or to expand your food offering.

Whether you are looking to introduce a new coffee kiosk or a much larger facility with a more comprehensive range of catering equipment, we can work with you to design a facility that meets your exact requirements. Units are constructed offsite, and arrive with you fully equipped and ready to connect to services, in as little as six weeks.

A Complete Catering Solution

If you are looking at introducing a complete new catering operation at your venue or location, Food Cubes are ideal to be used alongside PKL KitchenPods. KitchenPods are larger scale modular kitchen facilities, and can be used to provide a full food production facility, which can be used to provide food served through Food Cubes at different locations around your site.

Customise your Food Cube

Food Cubes are available in a wide range of external finishes and can be designed to your exact requirements.

Flexible Procurement Options

Buy, lease or contract hire your Food Cube. Click here to find out more.